About the Horde:

      Angelgoat was summoned in early 2001. by Unholy Carnager in a small town called Vrbas in northern Serbia.
      After 4 unlighted years, in 2005. the self-titled demo was recorded, with the 3 unholy psalms of true Satanic Black Metal!
      A year later, in 2006. the "Angelgoat" demo was re-released on 3-way split CD with Sinah and Charnel Valley, for Dead Center Productions from Ukraine.
     In 2007. drummer Occultum Malleus from horde Catastrophy, and Sabbathorn on guitars for the live ritual, are recruited to the legion.
     Long awaited full-length album "U Slavu Satane" was recorded in March 2008. and unleashed in January 2009. in cult format for Strigoi Records from Poland. Angelgoat was featured on compilations "Goat Worshippers" by Goat Kult Productions from Brazil, Astrum Argentum compilation released by Negra Nit Distro from Spain, and "Satan's Cure For christianity" for Satanic Deathcult Productions from Denmark. In the fall of 2009. Angelgoat demo was respawned on tape with 2 live bonus tracks for Goat Kult Productions.
     After 7 years of silent dwelling in darkness, in 2015. Angelgoat rises again! Demo called "Antichristian Storm Desecration" and the 2nd full-length album are forged. Demo was released on Samhain 2015. and album under name "Primitive Goat Worship" is finally unleashed through the Grom Records in March of 2017.

- A. M. S. G. -