lyrics "Primitive Goat Worship"


Večna Slava Satani
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

Večna slava Satani!


Pentagram Ritual Massacre
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

The ancient darkness swallows a day
Tangue of death in ceremony tells
Black altar of unholy spells
Ritual words, death they say

The black ritual knife talking
Bleed for Satan, in endless night
Beyond the Pentagram, of delight
Spiritual junction with the King

The rites of the infernal burrow
Demonic dominions of terror
Blood, devotion and horror
As the glory of Hell grow


Under the Satanic Oath
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

Ritual conjuration in the wood
No mercy, nor fucking repent
Serving the throne of a Serpent
Under the Satanic oath in blood

Blackest devotion in the dark
Within the blood Goat ritual
Consecration of flesh and spiritual
Forever under the Devil's mark


Sabbath 666
(lyrics 2001 / music 2006)

The occult ceremony under the masks
Bloody sabbath within the eclipse
Summon the Lord of the apocalypse
Evil flesh in perversion basks

In Master's name the orgy unique
Bestial penetrations of the witches
Inside the beauty of death twitches
The impure phallus of diabolique

Sadomasochistic Satanic lust eternal
Beyond the altar of unholy divine
Devil Worship and the blood as wine
In the night of rites infernal


Primitive Goat Worship
(lyrics 2001 / music 2006)

The evil gathers the nightshow
True devotion strikes like hail
Beyond the nocturnal veil
To Satan, the eternal bow

At the altar covered with grin
For unholy horns take the pains
In a ritual ceremony blood rains
Praised be the Lord of hatrin

Goat Worship under the open skies
Where the black light shines disaster
Sublime glory to our Master
For the horned beast all dies


Arising From the Black Mass
(lyrics 2001 / music 2005)

Sinister scripts of Hell
Words of darkness in a harmony
Chaos, death and disharmony
Within the altar`s spell

Ceremony beyond the nightveils
And the congregation of impure
To be one with the dark measure
Of mighty Satan's horn that prevails

Arising from black mass in night
In litanies of the apocalyptic overture
With a death of human nature
And the end of celestial light


Unholy Horn Impalement
(lyrics 2001 / music 2006)

Sacred rituals, death and madness
In a fateful night rages thunders
The night Of black magic and wonders
Praised be the Lord of darkness

To raise the mighty infernal kingdom
Christians in Hellmouth swallowed
Sacrifice to the voids of hollowed
And impalement by the horn of doom


Zora Antihrista
(lyrics 2001 / music 2005)

Neka Tvoja moćna vladavina dođe
I sva ta nesveta tama se vrati
I to kroz samo nekoliko sati
Te paklene kapije kada prođe

Zlokobne mračne strane ovo su čini
Gde plamti crnog svetla sjaj
I označava i ovoga sveta kraj
Zlo se budi u krvavoj mesečini

Sudnji čas je sve bliže i bliže
Svet Zveri uskoro se diže
Pod plaštom noći, zlo se uzdiže
Večna vladavina Satane to stiže

Gde mesec tminu kroji, zlo biće
Proročanstvo oživljava plamen mrtvih
Svodivši maglu iz dubina mutnih
Jer to zora Antihrista sada sviće


Eternal Damnation of christianity
(lyrics 2001 / music 2005)

Fuck jesus! Hail Satan!!