lyrics "The Lucifer Within"


Luciferian Keys - intro
(music 2011)

Crush The Pearly Gates
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

Blessings from the Beast's throne
Sulphurous visions in my mind
On bloody knees fells the mankind
Serving Satan, as the only One

Demonic supremacy of darkness
Crushing the gates, faces with grin
The final victory walking in
With the horned saint of godless

Channeling the souls from departure
Of their mutilated dead bodies
In celestial destruction melodies
Melodies of the armageddon, obscure

Black Goat Semen
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

The winds of the unholy sabbath blows
In circle the evil scripts whispering
Into night the black sperm flickering
The liquid vitamin of Satan flows

Goat phallus worship manifest
That into the eternal night swells
Where the bewitched sins dwells
Cunt desecration in the Serpent's nest

Impure orgasm brings the impending doom
Born for sin in the orgy of diabolique
The triumph of the darkness grotesque
Born by the semen of Satan in gloom

Supreme Satanic Will
(lyrics 2001 / music 2007)

Over the altar of the bottomless
Slaughtered christian blood bleeds
Power of the dark spirit breeds
The pure Goat worship in darkness

With the supreme Satanic will
Into the eternal service of Hell
From impure darkness desire swell
For the lord Satan, sacrifice - kill

Bestial Soulrape
(lyrics 2001 / music 2008)

For Master and throne rears
Ancient rites and unholy blaze
Into depths of the Hellpit maze
The spiritual death, in fears

Raining the Seraphims storm
Blood for the sulphurous Kings
Erected sword of fire sings
Shreding the souls to deform

Scattered for the fire reborn
Rejoice in the liquid levels
Where the necrowinds revels
Merging with the Satan's horn

Glory To The Horns
(lyrics 2001 / music 2008)

The occult summoning of the Black Goat
Sorcery written in blood becomes alive
Eternal sin is where the abomination live
Wrapped into the infernal grave moat

Consuming the blade of ritual reaper
Sacraficial stab and the worship of Him
Into the vast lake of blood to swim
Sinking into the eternal sleep deeper

Forever praise the altar's horned figure
In the darkest night of demonic breed
Of the Satanic might and gnosis greed
The Goathorns rising from the obscure

666 Spears In christís Ribs
(lyrics 2001 / music 2009)

Descending terror under the funeral sun
Annihilation of the flesh and blood pure
Nailed in a shadow of the horned figure
From the nine inch destiny you can't run

The ceremony of Christ's death betoken
Forever die in a worst agony and shame
Eat your shits and take the fucking blame
Profaning your every existance, broken

666 spears in Christ's ribs shows
Power of Satanic supremacy that grows
Spear by spear, sadomatic arts in rows
Upon Golgotha the winds of death blows

My Flesh For Devilís Incarnation
(lyrics 2001 / music 2008)

Invoking the powers of Hell alone
In the final hour, making the wound
Sacrifice and sodomy, the spellbound
Whole life forsaken, forever gone

Ritual dagger brings death and pain
Crimson streams into the dark season
Breaking the chains of yehovah`s prison
Death of Jesus was just in vain

Under the inverted cross, shocking
Arrival of the Master is the only care
Gift to this world, nightmare
For the horned Lord, in blood choking

The Lucifer Within
(lyrics 2001 / music 2009)

To infernal depth of the abyss I pray
Drowning into darkness like never before
Filling the emptiness of my blackened core
Blood will be spilled in a sacraficial slay

To open the gates of chaos and ancient pest
Channeling through me the powers diabolique
Lucifer within me burst into the night brusque
Black light forever shines from my breast

Your wisdom opens my third eye to see
Bring the Hell through my body in a daze
Lucifer rising and His unholy ablaze
To final victory with the Lord Satan in me

The Night of Ritual Debauchery
(lyrics 2001 / music 2009)

Beneath the rays of the black moon
Sound in distance of the ritual bell
Black mass and orgy in the name of Hell
Arrival of the Master Satan is soon

Unholy gathering of the infernal nature
Christ's image in flames disfigured
Celebration in circle of death obscured
Pervertion, flesh and blood of the impure

Desecration of the holy cunt tight
Ritual debauchery under the dark skies
Penetration of the virgin till she dies
Sacrificial stab of the ritual night