lyrics "The Blackmoon Witchery"


Rise of the Horned Depravity
(lyrics 2001 / music 2011)

On the summon eve of hollows
Kill under the horned sculpture
Of flesh and the blood pure
And destrucion of this world follows

From depravity of the bottomless
Arrival of the Master immortal
Through the passage to the portal
Unholy bringer of death and madness

Beyond the rays of the moon pale
And the burned chritians ashen snow
Black prophecy closes the night show
Forever wiped by the demonic gale

Obliteration of the Holy Cross
(lyrics 2001 / music 2010)

In conspiracy with the old evil
Of the darkest night's overture
Illumination of Hell`s aperture
Signs of the apocalypse peril

The holy cross in fracture
Unholy impiety from darkness
Crushing the faith of mildness
And annihilation of the all pure

Ascension of the Antichrist
(lyrics 2001 / music 2010)

The rising evil on nightwing
From bottomless rites overtures
Raping death and soul vultures
The great rise of Satan - the king

Symphonies of the nocturnal wind
Serpent's pervert tongue tells
Eternal sins in the ritual dwells
From the black visions of my mind

Ascension of the Antichrist now
Heaven torn asunder in flashes
Damned christian blood splashes
Burning into a total death - slow

Fall of Damnation Hammer
(lyrics 2001 / music 2010)

Thy oracle of the darkside
Winds of black fate succumb
The old darkness brings a tomb
Where soul will ever reside

Last drop of blood from vein
Jesus and the cross matrimony
Stings of the silver disharmony
Recrucified and dead again

The Blackmoon Witchery
(lyrics 2001 / music 2011)

Black moon above the church tower
Shines over the ritual carnage
Channeling from the dark passage
Thy mystic and great magical power

Summoning the Lord of Hell alone
The black altar as a Hell's aperture
Sulphur light over the horned sculpture
To serve eternaly the unholy throne!

Dark winds from the black empire
Darkness from the sulphur dales
The outburst of the demonic gales
Satanic witchery and the Hellfire

Spells and madness forever bound
By the Master Devil`s claw scratched
Ceremonial orgies of the bewitched
In the eternity of night ever resound